SCHOMACKER Trademark Information

SCHOMACKER Trademark Information

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How old is my mason & risch Piano? Trying to find the serial number?

Some piano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers.

Eugen Doga ([e.uˈd͡ʒen ˈdoɡa]; born 1 March ) is a Moldovan composer.. He writes music in all kinds of genres and styles, which makes him one of the most prolific and versatile composers. He has his own easily recognizable style.

Knowing the fair market value of Wurlitzer pianos is useful to sellers, buyers and owners. This information can help guide you in making important decisions. The Wurlitzer family were German instrument makers dating back to the 17th century with Hans Andreas Wurlitzer, a violin maker. By a new factory was built in Cincinnati, Ohio, continuing to sell pianos with the Wurlitzer label, but made by other European makers. They did not start manufacturing their own pianos until Since the early s Wurlitzer became one of the major names in the music business that included the sale of orchestrions, player pianos, organs and jukeboxes.

Other names controlled by Wurlitzer have included: In Wurlitzer purchased the Chickering name and all the assets of the Aeolian Corp. Memphis, TN factory when Aeolian went out of business. In Baldwin purchased Wurlitzer and Chickering. By production of Wurlitzer grands were being manufactured by Samick in Korea. In , the Baldwin, Chickering and Wurlitzer names were purchased by the Gibson musical instrument company.

A Guide to Dating Lyon & Healy “Own Make” Instruments

Page always under re-structuring The aim of this page is to hopefully help you to identify the manufacturer, and even possibly the ‘build year’ of your C-Melody. So, the table on the right will have links to a pages showing a selection of C-Melody saxes, some I’ve owned, some I still do, and with the mechanism and design features of each manufacturer – the pictures are quite good resolution, and unprotected, so can be copied and pasted into a suitable graphics package for better viewing, e.

Please feel free to do this, but if you re-use the pictures in any other context, please ask me first, and I’d also appreciate a mention of this site.

Hirsch-Pinkas Piano Duo, Evan Hirsch, Sally Pinkas, George Rochberg, — – Rochberg: Piano Music, Vol. 1 – Circles of Fire for Two Pianos – Music.

If they are lucky, the previous owners may have some idea, but by the time they have worked out just when it was that Great Aunt Mabel buried her second husband, the odd ten or twenty years can easily get lost. We are rarely able to tell the age just from a name, and even if a date is available for the serial number, it is often unreliable, as explained at http: Although it is quite unusual to find dates of manufacture marked on pieces of antique furniture, pianos often do have this information hidden inside, and this is a situation where you may be able to tell us something useful, because you have the clues there in front of you.

It would be nice to see the original receipts, because we learn a great deal from our collection of these, but many have been lost. In the past, some dealers have been coy about revealing the true age of a reconditioned piano, and went to extraordinary lengths to paint over or deface date-marks. This is not only annoying, but quite unnecessary, because few people would be shocked to hear that a piano is 50 years old, and many are quite excited to discover that it is years old.

Date-marks are a much more accurate and reliable guide to the age of an instrument, but it is not always easy finding and interpreting date-marks inside pianos, and some instruments are just not marked at all. A notable exception is Erard, who marked the years on the actions of the London pianos, or the soundboards of the Paris pianos. Pape marked the year under the strings but some, like one of ours, have unfortunately faded away.

In fact, it is about a century later. Numbers for most makers will go through a period when they are in four figures, and may resemble a year, for example, in Broadwood square pianos had serial numbers in the s and s. It is important to realise that pianos made after about are hardly ever marked on the outside with a straightforward year of manufacture, and if a year is written on a piano, it will often represent the date the firm was established, or the date of an exhibition medal.

Serial Numbers

History[ edit ] Tokai began in , as a harmonica and piano manufacturer. It developed its first melodica , the Pianica, in Tokai began making banjos and harpsichords in and the electric piano in Guitars[ edit ] Tokai started making classical guitars in

Install Serial Numbers Register Have you bought yourself a new TV, camera, phone, dishwasher, computer, tablet, sound system, printer, clock-radio, microwave, whatever? Then it’s worth keeping track of the serial number! Do it easily with this app. Serial Numbers are important: Serial numbers can be needed if you have to make an insurance claim or warranty claim, or put your product in for repair, or return goods to a store.

Warranties can be void if you don’t have the serial number! This app will keep track of your serial numbers for you. Each time you obtain a new item that has a serial number: Sleep easy because you know you have your possessions on record. Find your possessions’ serial numbers easily with keyword searching: Save to PDF printable document:

An Index to Getzen Instruments

January 20, , As you can see, it could mean many things depending on the manufacturer. Alembic The first 2 numbers of the serial number correspond to the year it was built. There may also be present a letter code designating a certain model.

What is an upright grand piano? An “upright grand” piano is simply a big old upright piano. The term was common in the early part of the twentieth century and was intended to infer a sense of higher quality than the rather ordinary term “upright piano” and was often used by manufacturers of lower quality instruments. I think the bass strings of an upright grand are longer than in plain upright. MORE How do you take apart an upright piano?

Having had experience with a sled…gehammer and an upright piano, I hope you are strong and in good physicall condition – it will take all day. My husband suggests a catapult ala “Northern Exposure” and I tend to agree. Answer 1 According to Pierce’s Piano Atlas Baldwin pianos have no more than6 digit serial numbers so maybe the poster has not got the rightnumber. Some pianos have more than one number, but only one is theserial number.

Answer 2 Looks like it was produced around Baldwin uprights after th…emid s have 7 digit serial numbers. MORE What are the dimentions of an upright piano? It depends on the brand and model style.

A Guide to Dating Lyon & Healy “Own Make” Instruments

We suggest that you look at our Organ Classifieds page or on-line auction sites to determine the value of your item. In addition, the Reed Organ Society website provides guidelines for determining the value of reed organs. Repairs At this time, the Estey Organ Museum does not repair reed, pipe, or electronic organs.

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1887 Model 4 C. Bechstein Grand Piano serial number 18637

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