MACKIE Manuals

MACKIE Manuals

Woofer Horn tweeter Hooking up a crossover in a PA system requires all components to be separate. In a component system, crossovers are “active” rack mounted components, used to split sound frequencies for efficient and adjustable distribution to separate amplifiers and speakers. The use of dedicated amps and speakers for each frequency is called “bi-amping” or “tri-amping,” for two or three-way systems respectively. In a simple bi-amped system run in mono, a single stereo power amp can be used by assigning one channel for low frequencies, and the other for high frequencies. Plug one end of a shielded input cable into the mixer’s main output, and the other end into the crossover’s input. Consult the owner’s manual of all components for specific details and recommendations. Plug another shielded input cable into the crossover “high” frequency output, and the other into the crossover’s “low” frequency output.

Mackie 406M Hook-up Manual

The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user of the presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. If you absolutely must change the polarity try internally modifying a TRS adaptor or use an external phase reverser. You can create a 32 or channel mixer with the Mackie Designs MixerMixer combiner.

It connects all the outputs of up to three mixers without losing channels via “cascading. Not satisfied with this stroke of flexibility, we’ve put together an ultra-affordable CordPack that includes all the cables necessary to interconnect three CR s.

Mackie S Manuals & User Guides. User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your Mackie S Music Mixer. Database contains 3 Mackie S Manuals (available for free online viewing or downloading in PDF): Hook-up manual, Technical specifications, Owner’s manual.

Contact cleaner Extra cables Popping and crackling sounds easily ruin a musical performance or speech. The good news is that crackling sounds usually do not indicate a serious problem. In most cases, the noise is because of minor issues such as dirt, aging parts or faulty cables. The bad news is it may require a little bit of time to identify and correct the problem. The Mackie mixer manual puts it the following way: Dust or grime works its way down into the faders or pots, and this causes a crackling noise when you slide the fader up or down.

Spray the faders and pan pots with compressed air to blow away the dust that causes the crackling noises. Clean the faders and pots regularly with compressed air to ensure that they remain dust free.

Mackie PROFX8v2

It’s popularity stems from the continual and perpetual difficulty of hooking up audio equipment without suffering through all sorts of bizarre noises, hums, buzzes, whistles, etc. As technology progresses it is inevitable that electronic equipment and its wiring should be subject to constant improvement. Many things have improved in the audio industry since , but unfortunately wiring isn’t one of them. However, finally the Audio Engineering Society AES has issued a standards document for interconnection of pro audio equipment.

AES standard on interconnections — Grounding and EMC practices — Shields of connectors in audio equipment containing active circuitry. However, this document contains suggestions for external wiring changes that should ideally only be implemented by trained technical personnel.

My Mackie. If you think there is a problem, need to contact support, get the latest updates, or manage your licenses, you’ll want to Register your Mackie product first.

If you’re having problems with your Mackie mixer, the best thing to do is to isolate the problem, run through the basic, easy-to-remedy possibilities and implement commonsense solutions. Once you confirm that the problem really is with the mixer–and not your cables, signal source, phantom power or other overlooked component–contact Mackie or take your mixer to a certified repairperson. Make sure the power’s on. If you’re having trouble with your Mackie mixer, start with the obvious stuff. Check that the mixer’s definitely plugged in.

Make sure you didn’t hit the phantom power switch, which is usually right next to the power switch, on the upper-right top of the mixer. Double-check that the power cable is definitely plugged in to the back of the mixer and that the AC outlet itself is working. Make sure the channel is the problem and not the signal source. Confirm that the “Fader” or “Gain” knob is turned up. If you’ve plugged in a condenser mike and you’re not hearing anything, perhaps the mike needs phantom power.

If you’ve plugged a CD player or similar source into the board and you’re not hearing anything, turn up the unit’s volume; if you still don’t hear anything, plug headphones into the unit and make sure it’s working. Try a new fuse. Every Mackie mixer–up until the Onyx series–has a fuse inside the chassis-mounted power connector.

Mackie 406M Hook-up Manual

More to come in the weeks ahead as we go behind-the-scenes in the studio! The preamps were very quiet and clean. Good for recording vocals, guitars, bass and all other instruments. I would use this interface for any application, really.

there are 2 main channels and 2 monitor channels on the rear of the unit. If you want to use it in stereo mode you connect one cable to the far left.

Willing to shell out a little more cash? They also come with an integrated phono pre-amp. Put all these together, and the result is a pair of high-performance monitors capable of producing reference-quality sound. They can be mounted on wall with brackets. A sub-port allows for connecting a sub-woofer for enhanced deep bass.

Their built-in amplification provides 10 watts per channel, while the speaker cones are uncovered for pure, unobstructed sound. They are ideal for producing music at home, but work great for gaming, movies and just listening to music. Input options include RCA and 3. They are the perfect size for a bookshelf or desk, their black finish wood cabinets and green trim blending in nicely and not taking up too much space in a small room or apartment.

Sound quality is fantastic for the price, delivering high bass and flat frequency response that recording enthusiasts appreciate. Their quality is superb for entertainment purposes, and more than adequate for audiophiles and musicians recording at home. Buy Now Plugable This fantastic pair of Bluetooth bookshelf speakers from Plugable is intended for easy, hands-free home use with phones, tablets, and computers. The Plugables are capable of reproducing sounds anywhere from khz, resulting in accurate, well-balanced sound.

Even the most discerning of audiophiles enjoy their quality, and say it is more than expected at the Plugables price point.

How to Get the Crackling Sound Out of My Mackie Mixer

Strolling Down The Channel Strip What s The Difference? Line In For Mono Channels Power Supplies and Accessory Power

May 10,  · Mackie s stereo output This mixer I am dealing with the Mackie s is a powered mixer which I m connecting 2 main speakers to it. The outputs on this mixer is labeled main left/main speaker out or right/monitor speaker out.

In sum, a multitrack recorder is for recording up to 1 or more pieces of audio at once, while mixers are for adjusting the levels of each track before recording or doing some more processing before combining the individual tracks or performing live. You may even take a liking to the best control surfaces out there if you already have your software and want a little bit of both DAW control as well as digital mixing capabilities.

Picking the best audio mixer Your budget — The best pro audio mixers have a very large range when it comes to price points. It all depends on how much money you have to invest in your audio mixer. This also depends on what your current setup is geared towards. We listed a few of each so you get a feel of which type you may want.

There are specific mixers for those needing equipment for performing live or recording in their studio we found a few that is great for both, if you fancy each choice. However, a lot of these are quite applicable to both uses. Check out the ProFXv2 video demo for it in action. Another mixer with just the essentials and a few extra features to boot. What stands out with the Yamaha EMX C are the single-knob compressors, which will really help you control vocals or keep the bass tight.

This particular audio mixer is one of the cheapest we were able to find worth looking at, and if you wanted a simple solution without any bells and whistles that give you a few of the needed features to get your mixing endeavors going, check it out. Oh, it also has a 4-band parametric, band graphic master bus. If you do have the cash to invest in something huge to really separate your mixes from the rest of the music recording and performance world, the StudioLive series by PreSonus should be taken seriously.

The Top 10 Best Audio Mixers for the Money

Jan 25, Hi all, My band has a gig where the club provides a stereo power amp and main speakers hung from the ceiling with subs on the floor. We want to use the mackie’s internal amp to drive the monitors. I have the manual where they show some sample scenarios, but I don’t recall it having what I described above. Just checked pdf’s- close, but they don’t. Connect the front end via mixer line out to the power amp.

Then one monitor cable to each left and right side speaker.

May 28,  · Sx speakers. Mackie S mixer amplifier. That’s the important parts. This set up has worked well for years. Bought these components in High school, proba.

What subwoofer is best for your car? Super slim subwoofer 1. All aluminum metal housings –good for Ventilation They have specilized in manufacturing auto parts for several years. The key to speaker construction is the design of the enclosure. You have to have a good speaker and an appropriate amp, but there are a bunch of variables associated with engineering the cabinet or box you build the whole thing into that you’ll have to figure out.

And a lot of them will depend on th…e speaker you are using, specifically its acoustic characteristics.. The bad news is that there are whole books on the subject of speaker design , and that means you have your work cut out for you.

Mackie Mixer basics – Channel insert

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