Hello Pretty ~ My Antique Toy Singer Model 20

Hello Pretty ~ My Antique Toy Singer Model 20

Search this site Welcome to Treadle On! TreadleOn is dedicated to promoting the use of antique and vintage human powered sewing machines, i. It is the home base and resource centre for the Treadle On Internet E-Mail List – for active users of treadle and hand crank sewing machines. This web site includes instructions on basic maintenance and restoration of treadle sewing machines and hand crank sewing machines. It also contains some historical references, all of which are only the best information available at the time of posting or simply what was provided by someone in response to a question. For accurate historical data, individuals should do their own research. The site was built, managed, and tickled into shape by Richard Wightman, who was and is a power to be reckoned with.. Many pages are written in the First Person, and he is that person.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

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The Singer toy sewing machine model 20, The most popular toy sewing machine ever made The most successful toy sewing machine ever produced was the Singer 20 sewing machine, known later as the Singer Sewhandy. Now that is a pretty impressive statement-but true. These models were manufactured in Turkey by Singer and are original Singer toy sewing machines built to a high specification. These models are now highly collectible because of the limited numbers and were simply called Singer k20 rather than Singer 20k.

The model 20 was the 20th unique singer after Isaac Singers patent model No1, patented in Early Singer toy sewing machines were clearly aimed at the child market however later Singer toy sewing machines were sold as adult light portable machines as well as toys. This was probably to gain a foothold into the larger market of full-sized machines. The Singer 20 toy sewing machine produces a simple chain stitch.

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If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. Although the Singer 20 was of a simple chain stitch design requiring just 40 components, it was very well engineered with a cast iron body. When other manufacturers wanted to enter the same market, many decided to do so with a close copy of the Singer After the end of WW2 several U.

Manufacturers. If your sewing machine, accessory, or ephemera has a name on it, this is the place to start. If we don’t have a listing for the name, please use the .

Identify an Old Singer Sewing Machine. I wrote this article back in – some of the links no longer work – Please check out this updated post for more up to date resources. If you are trying to identify a year and model for your treadle or handcrank singer sewing machine, let me tell you how I identified my girl. I have given all the relevant links – remember I am no expert in this, but I struggled to find decent information and I am just trying to make it a bit easier for you. Knowing the age and model number can be essential if you need new parts for your machine, and it is always nice to know anyway.

Of course, once you get your old lady working again you’ll be giving her a new name and identity and I hope she is with you for many years to come. She is reliable and even-tempered, a nice lady to have around. Right, let’s get started: You will find your serial number embossed onto the metal body of your machine. It looks like a little plate but it is in fact straight onto the body and can’t be removed easily. I’m not sure why you would want to remove the serial number, but I guess it happens.


The simple guide to dating your early Singer sewing machines. Where your Singer has two serial numbers always choose the larger of the two to date your machine Singer machine serial number dating Guide Please note this is only a guide, not gospel! Some people mail me to say they have a receipt from so how could my guide have their machine as made in or ?

The production runs at factories like Kilbowie were complex and long. The castings were marked with the serial number during manufacture. The machines were miles from completion, packing and delivery.

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Posts 4, Welcome aboard and nice looking machine. Use sewing machine oil to clean your machine. Just go over it gently with a soft cloth. There will most likely be holes scattered around on your machine. Put a drop or two of oil in all of them, turn the machine up so you can see the bottom, wipe it down to remove any crud and oil everything that looks like it moves. Take the plate off the front end and do the same. Careful, lay a towel down first so if you drop a screw you don’t loose it.

Also, if the machine has an inspection plate on the back, open it up and see what’s inside.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine Table

Singer has been producing sewing machines since and have been the first to offer such features as the first electronic machine and first zig-zag stitch machines. Determining if your Singer is an antique is an easy process. Machines made before are considered antiques.

The Limited Edition Singer Only 10, were allotted in for Singer’s th Anniversary! Anderson factory original company register A2 log of “NA” Series Register Numbers.

Would appreciate you letting me know its DOB. Singer was no help at all. I have written to them from ISMACS requesting this dating information and, if it comes they’re a funny lot at Singer nowadays it will be interesting to see if there is any info on the K models. When they reached EA , they went onto EB 1. I,O,U and W were not used with the E prefix. Previous to ’35 they used a single letter but not in alphabetical order — or anything like it. Sorry I could not be of more help Date: Like Suzy I am rather suspicious about the Singer number dates and also about the 25, daily production — that’s over 7 million a year.

I have a lot of Singer records from the Scotish factory and much of it is contradictory. According to Singer UK it is not possible to date machines to the day until after when a code was used within the serial number. It could well be that batches of numbers were allocated to various factories on a given day and this is the birthday we get and used until exhausted when a new batch would be allocated.

Find sewing machine model number from serial number

She mentioned that I hadn’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with work and fixing sewing machines on the side, even making housecalls in Manhattan. Anyways, a customer brought this Singer a to me. She came my way from Peter Lappin’s sewing blog. The customer had just purchased the machine from a “reputable” seller online, and the machine had been damaged in shipping, with one spool pin broken off.

Antique American Sewing Machines: A Value Guide [James W. Slaten] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (from the Introduction) The sewing machine made available to millions of people, more and better clothing at a fraction of the cost. Men and women everywhere use and wear articles made b the sewing machine. It has made possible the mass production of countless items .

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What if the serial number starts with two letters. How old will it be?

Vintage Sewing Machines A large number of people have discovered the benefits of older sewing machines. Whether it’s because they are simple enough to maintain and repair with common handtools, or strong enough to sew thicker fabrics without hesitation, or just because they are plentiful, cheap, and fun to collect. This site is dedicated to passing on information to make your experience more enjoyable. The machines are noisy, clumsy to use, and rotating and oscillating machinery is exposed to catch long hair or thread.

These three models require special x13 needles. I doubt that you will find x13 needles at your local sewing machine dealer, be prepared to special order and pay about four times as much as standard 15×1 needles.

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And by toy, they meant it was originally designed for kids who wanted to learn to sew. I was able to find a little information from a site called: If you own any type of antique sewing machine there is a good chance you can find more information about it on this site. When I got my Featherweight last year this site helped me date it and locate the production area.

Originally this machine came packaged in a cute cardboard-like box with instruction sheet, table attachment clamp and seam guide. Mine came with only the seam guide, so I will keep an eye out on Ebay for a clamp. The markings are simple as you see above, but no ID numbers like older models. When stitching, it produces a simple chainstitch.

My model needs a good cleaning but I will post some shots of the stitches in the future. Two simple screws hold the plate on and the needle is so tiny! It has a flat shank fitted to the right and I will have to thread it from left to right. After looking at my 20 I noticed there were no serial numbers to ID production date like in many other early Singers.

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Good Fortune Mystery Vintage Machines! I can not answer emails asking what your machine is worth or how old it is. Please check the links at the bottom of the page for other sites that can help you.

The new Slant-needle “Singer Model ” sewing machine was. introduced to commemorate Singer’s th Anniversary, The “anniversary model” on display is the new Slant-needle “Singer .

Vintage Sewing Machine Addiction: A Survival Guide When you’ve been bitten by the vintage sewing machine bug, it’s virtually impossible to recover. Once you start noticing the generations of old Singers, Kenmores, Elnas and Necchis, they start turning up everywhere: Fifty years ago, sewing machine were built like tanks and were as common as toasters; it’s no wonder they’re in overabundance today.

The challenge for the connoisseur of vintage machines is two-fold: Almost any sewing machine manufactured before can be had for relatively cheap, and it’s easy to fall into pound-puppy syndrome: Since this new obsession is most likely here to stay, let’s talk about managing your obsession so you don’t end up turning your spare bedroom into a sewing machine museum. Don’t buy any sewing machines that show signs of having had a hard life. Inspect the underside and peek under the covers and doors, if possible.

Chips in paint, rust, or missing parts are signs you should move on. Limited chipping on the machine bed is acceptable, as are easily replaced universal parts like a bobbin case or motor belts. Before you buy anything, you should know which brands are most highly regarded. The top two brands in vintage machines are the Italian-made Necchi and the German-made Pfaff. Most vintage machines manufactured in Japan are also excellent and often carry names like Kenmore, Dressmaker, and Montgomery Wards, among others.

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