General Hospital-MAXIE and SPINELLI sleeping togethor???

General Hospital-MAXIE and SPINELLI sleeping togethor???

The day has finally come for Maxie and Levi to get married, and it’s surely an event fans and characters of the show will remember. However, Detective Nathan West becomes a stick in the mud as his presence makes Maxie unsure about walking down the aisle with Levi. Spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal that Levi will pull a pistol on Nathan, after he is caught with the Aztec necklace. Whether or not the detective will actually get shot has not been spoiled, fans will just have to wait and see. Beyond that, Jason Morgan is set to wake up sometime during this week’s episodes. He will apparently appear in Crichton-Clark, which is sure to excite fans that have been waiting for something like this. Also, rumor has it that Billy Miller has been cast to play the role of Jason Morgan, but this has not yet been confirmed.


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General Hospital Storms returned to familiar territory on May 23, , becoming the third actress to portray Mariah Maximiliana “Maxie” Jones on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. In , Storms was reunited with Jason Cook, who joined the soap as Matt Hunter.

We all know that she is indeed the Carly we know and love, strong, sharp, feisty, and dead on about Nelle. Although Sonny seems to think otherwise. That being said, her daughter, Josslyn is also questioning the well being of her mother. So far she lacks support from Sonny, is being pressured by Michael to back off, Dr.

Nelle plans to destroy Carly and get her out of the way, so that nothing stands between her and Michael. Carly has a sixth sense for snakes like Nelle, and Carly will come out on top as always. Are you tired of Nelle sneaking around Port Charles? Let us know what you think! Is this story line ready to wrap up? Will she be pushed out of Port Charles, or stick around to pester another PC family?

One more step

Maxie asks Spinelli if he would consider moving in with him, but wonders if it’s the thing with Franco that’s still on his mind. Elizabeth goes to find Luke and sees a flyer for a Valentine’s Day thing at the Haunted Star and tells Ethan she hates the whole idea of it. Jason tells Johnny that if does move against Sonny he’ll have no choice but to stop him. Spinelli admits to Maxie that he’s still reeling after her tryst with Franco but forgives and wants her to forgive herself.

Ethan asks Elizabeth the reason why she hates Valentine’s, she said she ruined her past as well as a future with Lucky.

General Hospital spoilers and comings and goings reveal that fans of the ABC soap opera will see a new Maxie Jones on their screens.. Apparently, fan favorite Kirsten Storms was suffering from a serious case of the flu a few weeks ago, so her substitute Molly Burnett stepped in to film for a few scenes.

Senior Editor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Kirsten Storms took a little bit of time off from ” General Hospital ” so that she could focus on herself. It turns out that she will be coming back as soon as Maxie Jones. While Kirsten took some time away from the show, she found love, and she hasn’t been afraid to share about it on her social networks. The fans are so happy to hear that she is doing well.

Who is the new man in her life? For a while now, kirsten storms has been sharing photos of a new guy, but not saying who it was at all. She actually shared a photo of them together, and they were watching “The Bachelorette.

Losing a Beloved Character: Remembering Michael “Stone” Cates

When Jason was born, Alan supported him financially, but was fighting for custody over his other son A. Jason lived with his mother and step-father Scott Baldwin up until her death, after which he moved in with Alan and Monica. Susan Moore with Jason.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will battle some serious concerns. She just eavesdropped on Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Peter’s (Wes Ramsey) conversation, so she knows they’re headed to the film festival together. Maxie was upset when she heard Peter say it was a date.

Who is maxie dating on general hospital Share this article Guiding light and another world were creations of another daytime diva or queen irna phillips who would be turning over in her grave if she knew what this woman has done to her children. While maxie waited for a donor heart, her cousin b. On october 15, soaps. Who has been on tv herself.

Maxie distracted herself after spinelli made his choice by agreeing to be a surrogate for lulu and her husband dante. Second time kelly and billy have been seen together Gary and valene ewing, relatives of the ewing clan of dallas, arrive in knots landing to make a new home for themselves. After the explosion of the metro court hotel, maxie helped the gunman hide and then establish a new life in port charles under his real name, cooper barrett.

It turns out that victor cassadine is behind this. She was hurt by his decision and decided to crash the party which was held on a chartered boat. Kelly and billy caught canoodling They fired the producer and replaced them with butcher phelps. Her family rallied around her, and mac even located her father, frisco, and took him to be with his daughter.

List of General Hospital characters

He is the son of mob boss, Maximus Giambetti and the older half-brother of Milo Giambetti. He has been portrayed by actor Derk Cheetwood since the character’s debut on January 24, Contents Casting He has been portrayed by actor Derk Cheetwood [1] since Max’s younger brother, Milo is portrayed by Cheetwood’s real life younger brother, Drew Cheetwood.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) will find love again. She’ll always feel like Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was the man she was meant to be with, but she shouldn’t let that stop her from seeking happiness.

Steve Burton’s character may be a twin, Nathan and Maxie face some drama ‘General Hospital’ spoilers: It seems that the episodes in the coming months are slowly coming around to revealing just that. However, with the two actors being around, and Burton having started filming his scenes for the show already, fans are wondering what character he will portray since Miller is already playing Jason.

Could Burton’s character turn out to be a twin? The show’s writers are most likely revisiting the past characters’ histories and making little tweaks to the events that happened before. Fans know that Jason and Franco are two characters who are often butting heads with each other. With this in mind, does this mean Helena Cassadine Constance Towers is behind this particular plot? She previously placed a curse on Sam Kelly Monaco before she died.

Death Becomes Her

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Her being fills us with hope and inspires us to join others in creating a better future.

It’s as if Maxie stopped existing on General Hospital (GH) soon after her long-awaited wedding to Nathan West. We know that Maxie has been in Portland working and bonding with daughter, Georgie, but just last week, Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was heartbroken when Maxie decided to extend her stay. He.

Just a few weeks after the announcement that she’s divorcing her husband of three years, Brandon Barash, she’s now taking a temporary hiatus from General Hospital. According to a recent tweet, stress acne has gotten so bad that she’s had to step back from the role she’s played on GH since I appreciate all the positive messages I’ve received. Second, yes I am taking a little break from work due to some skin issues I’ve been having.

However, it was becoming too difficult for GH to cover up. And we all know in this biz appearance is important. In the meantime, I look forward to watching Molly on screen as I take the next few weeks to heal. Again—thanks for the love and you will see me again in no time [sic]!

Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms)

Who is Michael Dating on General Hospital September 18, No Comments Its obvious that finding someone to have some fun escapism with in the usual social circles like bars and clubs makes it easy to be caught. Point is to just be aware that there could be so many things other than race that can affect how the dating life goes. General Hospital GH spoilers tease in new promo video that Nelle and Michael could be getting married soon, despite all the forces.

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Jul 02,  · year-old Kirsten Storms plays Maxie Jones on General Hospital. And after a decade-plus on the show, she was recently rumored to be leaving.

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Molly Burnett in as General Hospital’s Temporary Maxie Recast

General Hospital GH Spoilers: Maxie will be indignant though will hear Nathan out — though things competence still get worse for a couple. Maxie will be stunned that Nathan never worried to discuss that he was married.

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of February 5 will be a rough one for fans of “Naxie,” the characters of Nathan West and Maxie Paevey has decided to leave GH and his role of Nathan, and now actress Kirsten Storms is connecting with fans to share her thoughts about the heartbreaking storyline.

These are a few of our most difficult deaths to date on the show. Do you have one we missed? Perhaps it was difficult because his wife, Maxie, was pregnant with their first child when he passed. He never had a chance to be the father he was so desperate to be with this baby. Stone This one goes down as the single most difficult soap death of all time. He was one of the most devastating deaths for so many reasons. For one, he was only a teen when he died. There is something infinitely more difficult about watching a child die than an adult.

And then there is the fact that he was so in love with the lovely Robin, who was there by his side when he took his final breath. They were a couple that hit the mark with fans because he had AIDS. She was then diagnosed as HIV positive, and he was dying. His death was crushing, sad, and heartbreaking.

Daytime Emmys: Young and the Restless and General Hospital are nominated

Nathan almost reacted to seeing a ghost when his wife showed up at the Metro Court. Its apparent there are still some lingering feelings between the two, and things are only further complicated with Maxie finally coming face-to-face with Claudette who just hoodwinked her for a job position at Crimson. Yep, the writing was on the wall months ago; Claudette was cheating on Nathan with Griffin, whom, Nathan has no idea about.

Maxie Jones is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She is the eldest daughter of supercouple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings. The role was first portrayed by Robyn Richards for eleven years, from to Introduced by: Joseph Hardy (), Wendy Riche (), Jill Farren Phelps (, ).

But more importantly, why does everyone think Spinelli and Maxie are dating? Equal parts JoLu2 and SpinMax. How you like them apples? What was that other name for it? All I have to say is that the Opposite Attraction SpinMax forum inspired this, that shoutbox has some crazy stuff said in it. On another note, I’m totally glad I wrote this. I’ve been having trouble with a couple of other Spixie things, but I think that since I’ve written this I’ll get back in the groove.

I pretty much giggled the whole time I wrote this. I never even watched Lucas. Unbeta-ed, so please point out any mistakes! Johnny Zacchara had been having a bad day.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kirsten Storms New Boyfriend Revealed, Dating Elias Paul Reidy – Congrat

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